Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13 Bodyparts

1. Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13 JDM all-round skirtings, cloned from the original piece
Item(s) condition: Brand new, cloned
Material is double-layer fibreglass and pu, whenever applicable
All of the items are cloned with almost precise measurement and it should fit the intended part (e.g. body or bumper) without modifications, except for slight grinding and riveting/screwing

Sample of a Series 1-kitted Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13


Sample of a Series 2-kitted Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13

a. Front Lips Series 1, 2 and 3 - RM200 negotiable


Standard Lip Series

Series 1 Lip

Series 2 Lip

b. Side Skirts - RM250 negotiable

c. Rear Skirts/End Caps Series 1 and 2 RM200 negotiable


Series 2 Endcaps

2. Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13 JDM Front Bumpers

a. Standard Bumper with foglights - RM200 negotiable

b. Series 1 JDM Bumper with foglights - RM400 negotiable (currently not in stock)

c. Series 2 JDM Bumper without foglights - RM280 negotiable


3. Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13 Rear Bumpers

a. Standard Rear Bumper - RM200 negotiable (currently not in stock)

b. Series 2 Rear Bumper - RM250 negotiable (currently not in stock)

4. Nissan Altima/Bluebird Series 2 Front Grille RM150nett (currently not in stock)

5. Standard Nissan Altima Headlights and Taillights set RM150 nett for all four pieces

6. Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13 Sunroof (RM1000-RM1200) and Rear Windscreen with Wiper (RM800-1000) - Depending on stock availability

7. Nissan Altima/Bluebird 2-legged series 2 spoiler (local made)


Please call if you wish to obtain parts specifically related to Nissan Altima/Bluebird U13/U14 series or any other Nissan models for that matter. We may be able to source one for you.